Revitalizing WaterVortex Water Technology Reverse the negative energies in your water today, whilst restructuring and releasing the oxygen and hydrogen, which has been held captive in large clusters of water molecules.

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Most waters we drink today are dead, but our products produce living waters

Welcome to Waters Revived: The Home of Advanced Water Products & Technologies

Waters Revived are an advanced water products company. We specialize in products that produce structured, highly energized and revitalized water for your personal, home and commercial purposes. Our vision is to offer consumers leading edge water technologies which will help you to get the most out of the water you drink and use.

We live in a world where one of the greatest commodities is water. From the beginning of this age, before this world came to be, water was present and in a living state, brimming with light & natural electromagnetic energies (information). Water in this form was able to infuse life (beneficial energies) to all organic life forms and its surroundings.

As we consistently drink this kind of water, coupled with an intentional lifestyle of nutrition from living foods and fitness, we will experience an increase in our energy levels, and consequently suffer from less fatigue and disease which often arises from a compromised immune system and an onslaught of negative electromagnetic pollution.

Additionally, as you use this sort of water in your gardening, you will experience a better crop yield and plant health, due to the structured water penetrating the cells of your plants, fruits and vegetables, and significantly reducing your water use. Animals love drinking this water due to its higher energy levels, and will prefer structured water over the widely available unstructured (aka. ‘dead’) water.

As it is widely known today, most of our body, consists of water, and 99.9999% of our body is actually cells, trillions of them. These cells are surrounded by crystalline, structured water which mankind, plants and animals were designed to absorb and sustained by. In other words, this is water which is highly energized, infused with an abundance of light energy found in natural minerals and elements. Living water is molecularly structured, in a small, organized and coherent manner and thus soft in texture. As a result, this kind of water will easily hydrate and detoxify living organisms which is great for those who drink less.

This is key to note, because one of the main causes of disease and death is dehydration, malnutrition and blockages in our blood and lymph stream which hinders cellular communication and our circulatory systems. Unstructured water is hard, deoxygenated and inundated with harmful energies to our bodies, plants and animals. Structured and living water by contrast has a lower surface tension which enables it to easily penetrate our cells, transport nutrients, is highly energized with electromagnetic and light energy. Hence, structured water efficiently detoxifies our bodies which is great for our overall vitality and wellbeing.

Waters Revived find, test and present to our customers the leading and best advanced water technologies on the market today, saving you time and money. These various structured water technologies are presented and offered to our customers with the express aim of assisting you in your search for items that:

Increase hydration and energy

Help to promote bodily balance

Improve your energy levels

Remove negative energies from the water

Provide a foundation for wellness

Through the above, it is our aim to save you a lot of money that you would have otherwise spent on recurring low quality water filters, bottled water, soap, detergent, chemical cleaning agents etc.

You can learn more about the benefits of drinking structured and energized water via this resource we strongly recommend entitled 'Water: My Elixir' written by Dr Nadine (N.D., C.N.S.)

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