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"Every year, almost 4 million people die from water related diseases ( But at Waters Revived, we invest our time to find, test and present the best eco-friendly water treatment solutions to you, so you don't have to! This saves you time and money, as well as equipping you with maintainance-free water devices which serve to enhance the productivity of your water and wellbeing for a years to come"

Salt & Living Water: The Foundation of Vitality & Wellness

Contrary to popular opinion, water is more than H2O! Water is an amazing substance that has an energetic memory of all it has come into contact with. To prove this, the late Homeopathist Jacques Beneviste has proven that when a liquid substance is diluted multiple times over, it maintains the energetic imprint of whatever it has come into contact with.

Unfortunately this includes the harsh chemicals and man-made, degenerative electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) which deplete the energy and destroy the molecular structure within water. This leads to a compromised biological terrain where pathogens thrive, wastes reside and mankind - more rapidly die!... Thankfully however, structured water, which is a higher quality and more productive form of water is able to efficiently receive, store and transmit electromagnetic information, transport nutrients and eliminate waste from the body, pets or plants.

It is the energy within water that fuels and facilitates all biological life processes, whilst protecting and nourishing all living things. When our body fails to receive adequate hydration, nutrition and electromagnetic charges, our biological voltage decreases and disease manifests.

As Dr. F. Batmanghelidj notes, "dehydration is the underlying cause of many chronic 'diseases' [and the] proper intake of water, salt and minerals can prevent these illnesses and even reverse the damage already done". This means that inherent in the properties of living, structured and liquid crystalline water accompanied by natural salts, lies the power to initiate regeneration and healing throughout the earth. For as water fulfills its purpose to feed, protect and nourish the cells of every living creature on earth, balance is restored and wellbeing follows!... How privileged mankind are to be gifted in great abundance with the two elements that can act as channels to bring healing - water and salt!

Waters Revived specialize in structured and energized water products that produce water that has increased hydration, detoxification, and energy in an eco-friendly way. This results in drinking or using water that is more productive, and which contributes to improved wellness and longevity. Our product range are best suited for personal, domestic or commercial use.

Our goal is to connect with and inspire those who are already health-conscious, searching and proactive about making a decision to improve their water quality and wellness beyond a purely chemical state for the purpose of achieving greater levels of balance and coherence within their cells and body system.

We aim to provide lasting water treatment solutions and encourage our customers to invest in water technologies that optimize their water so that they can maximize their water productivity within their body, home, garden or business. We consistently strive to offer our customers affordable, yet good quality water products which will help you to get the most out of the water you drink and use.

Waters Revived find, test and present to our customers an affordable and specialized range of structured water products for the purpose of supporting your wellness journey, domestic and appliance needs, whilst saving you time and money. These various water structuring products are presented and offered to our customers with the express aim of assisting you in your search for items that:

  • Are best suited for portable or domestic needs
  • Produce water with superior hydration and detox levels
  • Promote bodily balance
  • Improve your energy levels
  • Neutralize the negative energetic effect of toxins and pollutants in the water
  • Provide a foundation for wellness
  • Have a great return on investment

Our aim to save you a lot of money that you would have otherwise spent on recurring low quality water filters, bottled water, soap, detergent, chemical cleaning agents etc.

You can learn more about the benefits of drinking structured and energized water via this resource we strongly recommend entitled 'Water: My Elixir' written by Dr Nadine (N.D., C.N.S.).

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"There are many kinds of waters available today, but we ensure your water is softer, balanced and free of negative energies which can harm your body, home and the environment"

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“When we eat or drink, we absorb energy, not form. Use water which is energized in the same way as spring water”

Vitalized Water Will Keep You Well

Waters Revived are passionate about finding technologies and products that help to make your water truly good, and which is in a molecular state which supports your body and other biological processes. Learn in this article why structured water benefits your wellbeing!

Structured Water in Nature

Everything we need in this world for health and vitality has been provided by The Creator. Nature is abundantly filled with living and beneficial electromagnetic energies for our wellbeing. It is only as we learn from biological processes and mimic them (i.e. free flowing water vortexes which neutralize the negative effect of toxins) that we can harness the natural energies of life, especially within the foundation of all life, our water!

Water’s Life Force: Revitalization

Until you understand how powerful water is when its vitality and ordered molecular structure is restored, unfortunately you will be drinking and/or using water which is not structured in a formation that your body's cells can easily utilize to support your metabolism.

Waters Revived have compiled existing knowledge of water into this insightful resource about which highlights the main cause of diseases, the importance of the role water plays in our bodies and beyond and why you should seriously consider utilizing the power of revitalized water.

Decide Now Which Water to Drink (Series)

There are many waters you can drink, but make an informed decision based on this valuable information regarding which water technologies will best meet your needs.

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