Revitalizing WaterVortex Water Technology Reverse the negative energies in your water today, whilst restructuring and releasing the oxygen, which has been held captive in large clusters of water molecules.

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Most waters we drink today are dead, but produce living waters

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Waters Revived are a passionate, enthusiastic and refreshing water products company. We specialize in products that produce structured water, via harmonics, filtration, magnetic, shower and vortex technologies, for your personal, home and commercial purposes. Our vision is to offer consumers leading edge water technologies in the subtle energy and water revitalization market.

These various structured water technologies are presented and offered to you the consumer, with the express aim of assisting you in your search for items that help to relieve pain and aid muscle recovery; increase hydration and oxygenation of your blood and other body cells; improve your energy levels and overall wellness, whilst saving you a lot of money on the soap, detergent and water you buy for life >>> READ MORE

You can learn more about the benefits of drinking bioavailable water via this resource we strongly recommend entitled 'Water: My Elixir' written by Dr Nadine (N.D., C.N.S.)

    Restructuring and Revitalizing Water so That it May Better Serve it's Purpose!



    Our body largely consist of water (70-90%). However, much of the water we drink today such as ordinary tap, bottled and filtered water is hard and "dead water" which is unhealthy & has very large water molecular clusters. These clusters prevent the water from permeating our body's cell walls, thus significantly limiting our hydration levels. If your primary source(s) of water are those mentioned above, then surely your body is chronically dehydrated, deprived of aerobic (good) bacteria and craving for living water.

    Our featured products such as the Tri-Vortex Disc, Magnetic Vortex Cup and the Rainmaker (to name a few) are able to reduce this water cluster size so that the level of available oxygen within the water is increased, as well as bringing the water to a slightly alkaline state. This results in your drinking water being equipped to better hydrate your cells, leaving you feeling revived!



    When your drinking water's bioavailability is increased, this enables it to efficiently transport nutrients to the aquaporin channels and carry out harmful pollutants and negative vibrational energies from within it which cause sickness and disease in your body. Simply put, restructured water amplifies living energies within water and neutralizes and expels dead energies.



    Just like our brain is predominantly water (85-90%), and is the haven for where are thoughts and memories are stored, similarly our water acts in the same way because, like a digital storage device it remembers everything it has come into contact with. In many cases today, this equates to harsh EMF pollution, chemical treatment and exposure to heavy metals and toxins which contaminate our blood.

    But thankfully, through the many studies done on revitalized water, it has been noted that the vortex process has a significant impact upon the energetic imprint of our drinking water. Notably, through this process, water's negative information can be erased, and positive, living information can be imposed!

    This is great news, especially in terms of transforming "dead water" into "living water" which is conducive to health and wellbeing. So for those of you who are intrigued with what you have learnt so far as well as being determined to make better health choices regarding the water you drink, bathe, cook, & wash with, why not start enjoying softer, great tasting water which leaves you feeling renewed & refreshed with living energies - TODAY!

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